Business Relations

In compliance with Chapter 167 of Public Law 2011 (commonly referred to as the Transparency in Government Act), the South Monmouth Regional Sewerage Authority currently engages the following professionals.  Inclusion does not necessarily reflect that the listed firms and professionals will earn more than $ 17,500.00 in the current fiscal year.

Engaged Professionals

Services Provided

Manna & Bonello, P.C.

General Legal Services

Ferraioli, Wielkotz, Cerullo & Cuva, P.A.

Auditing Services

Gluck Walrath LLC

Bond Counsel Services

Cleary, Giacobbe, Alfieri, Jacobs, LLC
Labor Counsel Services

QC Laboratories

Water Quality Based Laboratory Testing Services

Air Nova, Inc.

Water Quality Based Laboratory Testing Services

Coastal Solutions, Inc.

Information Technology Support & Computer Services

Charles L. Casagrande, Danskin Agency

Risk Management Consultant for the NJUAJIF

Pre-qualified Engineering Firms

Services Provided

CDM Smith, Inc.

Engineering Services

CME Associates

Engineering Services

T&M Associates

Engineering Services


During the immediate preceding fiscal year, the Authority paid a renumeration in excess of $17,500.00 to the following vendors (listed alphabetically) for any service whatsoever rendered to the Authority.


Accurate Waste Removal Services

All American Ford

Allied Construction Group Inc.

Capital One N.A.

CDM Smith, Inc.

Coastal Solutions Inc.

Danskin Agency

Emergency Systems Service Company

Ferraioli, Wielkotz, Cerullo & Cuva P.A.

Gluck Walrath, LLC

Hudson Energy Services

Jersey Central Power and Light

Manna & Bonello P.A.

N. J. Environmental Infra-Structure Trust

N.J. Utility Authority - Joint Insurance Fund

Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission

Premier Magnesia, LLC

QC/Eurofins  Laboratories

Rapid Pump & Meter

Shafts and Sleeves

State of New Jersey - Department of Environmental Protection

Stoney Brook Regional Sewerage Authority

T&M Associates
Treasurer, State of New Jersey

Univar USA Inc.

WACO Products